*****Kearney Child Care Association has disbanded as of April 17, 2023*****

KCCA members are people who are truly committed to providing quality child care and learning all they can about meeting the developmental needs of all children. They are also committed to being professionals in their field.This site is designed for parents, child care providers, those looking to become child care providers, or anyone else in our community interested in family child care.Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like additional information.

Find us on: Facebook or e-mail us from our contact page.

**Kearney Child Care Association membership is open to anyone with an interest in childcare. This includes, but is not limited to child care I homes, child care II homes, child care centers, state approved providers, teachers and parents. Due to the broad range of membership we cannot guarantee that all members provide the same level of care. We encourage all parents looking for daycare to ask a potential provider for references and meet with them at the provider’s home for an interview. You may also find a parent checklist brochure on our “links” page in preparation for focusing on what you and your family want and/or need.**

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