About Kearney Child Care Association

Officially organized in 1988


The Kearney Child Care Association aims to provide a network of providers in Kearney and surrounding communities with the opportunity to support each other in the profession of child care. We strive to provide a program and means of support that encourage quality child care.


  • Meet the needs of the child care providers by providing a network or professionals in child care and providing support via in-service hours, training and educational support in quality care with the opportunity to problem solve.
  • Provide and exchange expert ideas among all persons involved in quality child care.
  • Raise awareness for public and parent involvement in quality child care.


  • Advertise our support to become more visible in and around Kearney.
  • Provide communication between child care members.
  • Provide a program of meeting topics and/or speakers that meet the criteria for state licensing that also promotes developmentally appropriate practices.
  • Give back to the community by donating our time or donations that support the communities families and children.